Safety is our Main Priority

As we adjust to a new normal, one thing remains the same. Everyone’s gotta’ eat!
Along with on-going food safety training for all our staff, here is how we are navigating our clients’ needs for catering and events in the COVID-19 environment. If you do not see the information you are looking for please email us at

Boxed Meals

Limit coming and going by having one lunch delivery.

Promote social distancing during meal periods.

Give employees the option to eat meals at their desk.

Avoid clusters of people gathering around buffets.

Protective Measures

Masks and gloves are worn by all employees handling food.

Hand sanitizer is in everyone of our trucks and every pocket of our employees.

Kitchen and vehicles are disinfected daily using CDC compliant measures.

Ongoing food safety training for our entire staff.

On-Site Protocols

We suggest having action-stations, where our chefs prepare food to order for your guests.

Guests are served their meal in individual serving vessels.

Gloves, masks/shields will always be worn, in addition to washing hands frequently as well as implementing hand sanitizer when necessary.

Our employees will practice social distancing wherever possible.

Beverages served as individual units using single use accompaniments.

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